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Jonathan Acosta, ISSA, NCEP

My name is Jonathan Acosta and I’m the Founder and Head Trainer of Get Sexy San AntonioI’m certified in ISSA and NCEP.   I know what it takes to get fit, strong, and be your sexy best.  And I offer all my knowledge and support to my clients at Get Sexy San Antonio.

Unlike other fitness trainer wannabes, fitness and training has been a part of my life since I was a small child.  I started lifting weights in the 6th grade to get myself stronger so I could play better basketball and football.  And it worked!

Through my efforts, I transformed myself from a scrawny kid that the other players could have easily bowled over to a force to be reckoned with on the playing field.  In no time at all I grew stronger than the other kids 3 times my size!

It didn’t take long for fitness and weight lifting to become a passion of mine.  I started power-lifting and I never looked back!  After placing 1st at Regionals 2 years in a row, I went on to compete at the state level.  I took 6th place in the state competition the first year and 4th place the year after.  After that, there was no stopping me!

The Most Important Investment You Can Make is in Your Health and Physical Well-being

You see, I realized at a young age that the best investment I could make was not in a car or a home.  It was in myself!  Learning everything I could about fitness, strength training, weight loss and nutrition became my focus until my friends were asking me for advice and how to help them get the same results I was getting.

Now I bring all that I’ve learned and experienced in power-lifting, strength training, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss to my clients at Get Sexy San Antonio!  My clients keep coming back to me because I offer the very best workout that helps burn 9x the fat in half the time than you would at other gyms.



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